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We on the outside, here in Oakland Abolition & Solidarity, support prisoners organizing collectively on the inside. We need reliable funds to continue and expand our work.

We have a solid and growing crew of people committed to long term work and there is a massive, growing number of people inside reaching out to us. our local chapter doesn’t receive any stipends, grants or funding other than what which we donate or raise ourselves. Everyone has a role and yours could be  making all this possible with solidarity, with the support of a modest (or huge!) monthly recurring contribution.

All funds go directly to supporting the incarcerated whether it is stamps, printing, phone time, or material support outside jails for releasees, visiting families, etc. We publish regular updates on the work so shoot us an email address at to stay up to date on the work and ways to plug in.

It’s up to us!
Solidarity is the People’s Weapon!

– Oakland Abolition & Solidarity

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