Prison Strike Update – Oakland 9/13/16

1. Arrestees from Saturday’s march in Oakland are out! No charges!
2. Hunger strike continues in Merced
3. Call for phone zap support from Free Ohio Movement


Arrestees from Saturday’s march in Oakland are out! No charges!

All three peeps that were snatch-n-grabbed by OPD in Oakland during Saturday’s solidarity march are OUT. All charges are dropped! The funds that were collected at the march’s end were given to the Bay Area Anti-Repression Crew’s bail fund. Whatever might not have been used will have reverted to their general bail fund cuz state. violence. never. ends.

Hunger strike continues inside and outside of Merced jails

Today is Day 4 without food for participating prisoners and supporters in Merced. From a supporter:

“The detainees are holding up so far. There are inmates at the John Latorraca Jail dorm #502 that called me yesterday stating staff would not accept their grievances

This is a dormitory singled out for extra repression. They have been arbitrarily racially segregated and classified (“Hispanic” in CA prison code and they’ve been summarily classified as gang members.) From their demands:

“We are requesting to be taken out of green and white stripes and placed in orange (Main Jail) and blue (John Latorraca Jail). Furthermore we want to be racially integrated. We are general population inmates yet we are segregated against our own will. When we go to court we are discriminated against due to wearing the striped jail issued uniforms by the court (Judges, bailiffs, etc.) in efforts to villainize us throughout court proceedings.”

Their full demands and statement of grievances can be found here on the Live Free Merced fb page:

Stay tuned for any solidarity or support requests.

Call for phone zap support from Free Ohio Movement

“…HUNGER STRIKE IN FULL EFFECT at LUCASVILLE AND OHIO STATE PENITENTIARY The Free Ohio Movement, (an abolitionist and freedom movement, whose mission is to speak truth to power, advocate and defend the Human and Unalienable Rights of our Confined Citizens and to offer support to their family and friends) received several calls today from Lucasville and the Ohio State Penitentiary on September 12, 2016, 3 days after the National Strike against Prison Slavery.

Hunger Strikes are underway at both prisons in protest of inhumane conditions, unsafe working conditions, revocation of privileges without provocation and because their rights of redress are being ignored.

In retaliation for their stand with the National Strike to End Prison Slavery, held on September 9, 2016, the administrators are removing our Confined Citizens from their work details and threatening to take away their Contact Visits. We need action on this right away.

We were afraid this might happen. September 9, 2016 was a peaceful non violent protest. We at the Freedom Movement stand with all Confined Citizens in the state of Ohio, in their struggle to be treated humanely and with dignity and respect.

Please call, email, fax and mail your letters of solidarity to the following administrators at the Ohio Department of Corrections. Let them know the entire state, nation and world is watching and that we demand there be no harm brought against our Brothers & Sisters behind bars, and that their jobs, food, amenities, rights and privileges not be tampered with, nor altered. United We Stand, in our demands for Human and Unalienable Rights! We Thank You for your Support!

ODRC Contact Information

Gary Mohr, Ohio Department of Corrections Director 614-752-1150 Email: Phone Number: 614-387-0588

Mailing Address: 770 West Broad Street, Columbus, Ohio 43222 Fax Number: 614-752-1171

David Bobby, OSP Warden Phone: 330-742-0700 Fax 330-743-0841 Mailing Address: 878 Coitsville-Hubbard Road Youngstown, Ohio 44505

Scott Nowak, OSP Correctional Program Specialist Email Scott.Nowak@ODRC.STATE.OH.U-S Phone Number 330-743-0700 Extension 2437

Ronald Erdos Warden Southern Ohio Correctional Facility Phone: 740-259-5544 Fax: 740-2529-2282 Email: & Mailing Address: P.O. Box 45699, Lucasville, Ohio 45699

DONATE to the Free Ohio Movement @…/the-people-s-freedom-movement


Contact Oakland IWOC:
Oakland IWOC
PO Box 6305
Oakland, CA 94612

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