Emergency Phonezap: Desperate Crisis and Bloodshed In Mississippi Prisons

Monday, Jan. 6

Coast to coast call to pressure MDOC and the Mississippi governor

There is an emergency situation inside Mississippi prisons right now. As a direct result of the now notorious hellish conditions of overcrowding, filth, medical neglect, suicides and more, this past week has seen a wave of deadly violence and a statewide lockdown.

From a comrade and we concur:

#MDOC is framing the narrative like this: gang violence inside the prisons is the problem.
We reject that narrative, full stop. This is a system failure resulting in human and civil rights abuses perpetrated by #Mississippi policymakers who have failed us in reforming and resourcing the prison system despite months, if not years, of cries for those resources and reform.
The State of Mississippi is violating the 8th Amendment of the US Constitution which states, “Excessive bail shall not be required, nor excessive fines imposed, nor cruel and unusual punishments inflicted.” #MSPrisonReformNow #msleg #usdoj

There are multiple reports of guards being complicit and popping doors to set off retaliations within Parchman Prison which has seen the worst of the carnage. A minimum of 5 prisoners have been killed this week with reports from inside claiming more. The calls for disclosure coming from distraught families are being ignored by MDOC.

Families, supporters and prisoners inside are urgently calling for support. Those in charge and holding the keys need to feel the pressure and feel our eyes on them. Prisoners have communicated that three demands are to be prioritized. They are listed below in the sample script provided for phone calls and emails.

Call and email these targets Monday

Governor-elect Tate Reeves
(601) 359-3200

Parchman superintendent
(662) 745-6611 #2301

MDOC main line
(601) 359-5600

MDOC Director Pelicia Hall

Sample script:

Hello. I am calling as a concerned citizen about the ongoing crisis at Parchman. The Board of Directors must ensure that the superintendent find an amicable and peaceful solution, as well as, address the prisoners needs. They need to ensure that the prisoners have sanitary and safe housing conditions. We, as a community, along with the prisoners have these demands:
1. Immediate separation of all rival groups to halt the violence.
2. Restore full food service and immediate emergency medical care.
3. Removal of the corrupt guards who instigated violence.
Remember, the world is watching. Thank you.”

They may shut down numbers over the course of the day or hang up on you. Don’t worry. Every call counts and them giving you the run-around is typical behavior. If calls go to voicemail, let’s fill up their inbox.

You don’t have to give your name if they ask. Just keep on them and make sure you get your message across and tie up their phones. Remember: we aren’t here to argue with employees of the system but to disrupt their office operations and show power.

Please report back with any feedback or information in the comments section here or send us and email at iwoc.oakland@gmail.com

For additional coverage and information on the situation in Mississippi prisons:


  1. Sometimes we over look the “Golden Rule,” simply because we’re never put in that position. No doubt some of these men and women need to be there, but they are not animals. Sometimes they are put there to set an example. Please keep in mind that someone loves and cares about them.


  2. I found your article from a post in an #ADOS twitter thread. Today, I emailed the Ltgov and director asking them to take action.


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