Statement from Inside Regarding Incremental Releases

Statement collectively written by a group within CSP-Corcoran responding to the CDCr announcement ending the program of so-called “incremental releases” and objecting to lockdown continuing by other means

September 26, 2019

“The Southerners were off lockdown. They were receiving full program such as visits, education, going to work, going to rehabilitation, self-help classes, yard, dayroom, getting packages and phone calls. It took the Southerners about seven months before they got off lockdown. The reason was because administration started to see that it’s not the Southerners that can’t program it’s the Bulldogs that refuse & can’t program with the rest of the general population. This was proven during every incremental release. Every time the Bulldogs attacked the Southerners & every time the Southerners defended themselves. This was noted on every incident report and by the Office of Inspector General (OIG) because they were present filming every incremental release.

Now during these past two plus months of lockdown staff have opened the Bulldogs cell doors not once, but three different times knowing what was going to happened while the Southerners are out. It’s already a fact that’s been proven that the Bulldogs don’t want to program with anybody & have a policy to attack every Southerner when an opportunity presents itself. So by staff opening their cell door having their policy puts the Southerners in harm’s way. So of course the Southerners are going to protect & defend themselves at any cost. It becomes a life & death situation.

The first time staff opened a Bulldog’s cell while Southerners were out was during afternoon yard release in which Bulldogs attacked & Southerners defended themselves. Two weeks later again staff opened up a Bulldogs cell while Southerners were out during dinner & once again Bulldogs attacked Southerners to which they defended themselves. Some of these times they just refused program. No lockdown now a full week later August 24th it happened again, staff opened up a Bulldog cell during breakfast while the Southerners were out & as usual Bulldogs attacked Southerners & the Southerners defended themselves, but this time the Southerners were placed on lockdown & have been since August 24th. It’s been over a month now. The reason they gave was the staff that opened the Bulldog door said that the Southerners rushed/attacked the Bulldogs which is not true because if that was the case the Southerners would of ran into the Bulldog’s cell. Instead the Bulldogs were out of their cell.

So basically this officer falsified documents to save his own ass & job because he is not supposed to open any Bulldog cells while Southerners are out & vice versa.

As mentioned Southerners have been on lockdown since August 24th due to the staff error & lies. There’s no reason why Southerners should still be on lockdown over a month later. The Southerners are the ones who can program with the rest of the population the Bulldogs are the ones who don’t want to.

Since being on lockdown the Southerners have only received 3 hours of yard (out of cell time). Just to put this into perspective you supposed to receive a minimum of 10 hours of yard (out of cell time) per week that’s 40 hours a month. Thus far it’s been over a month & they only have received 3 hours. In the SHU you are in your cell 22 1/2 hrs a day these Southerners in general population have seen is their cells a 7×11 cave for 29 days and counting.

All this punishment & everything takes visits, packages, education, self help classes, work, yard, dayroom, phone calls etc all because an officer that made a chance to lie just to save his own ass & job at the Southerner’s expense. He’s the one that put the Southerners in harm’s way by opening a cell he was not supposed to.”


  1. My husband is in 3C and a southerner. He has not been able to go to his classes, get our weekly visits, call home, go to work and we are missing out on our much anticipated, much- deserved family visit, which was scheduled for September 28,2019. Now all of our plans and his rehabilitation are at a standstill due to the incompetence of staff. It’s obvious who the aggressors are. Why should my husband and the rest of the southerners stop programming due to CDCr’s vendetta.

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  2. Correction. They were on lock down for 9 mos. Prior to this lockdown, our loved ones were on lockdown from September 2018-June 2019. First day of visit was July 4th.


    • Thanks Ruby, I think the people inside aren’t referring to the long lockdown dating from Sept. 2018, but the recent one instituted after a month ago after guards were “accidentally” popping cell doors trying to spark off combat.


  3. My husband (3C-southerner) had finally been approved to attend a college course and now very likely dropped from the class since he is unable to attend. We were supposed to have our FV tomorrow 10/16 (devastaded). His rehab is all on hold due to these CDC workers. It’s known who the aggressors are so why keep everyone else on this inhumane punishment??


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