PHONEZAP: End the Lockdown and Group Punishments at Corcoran 3C

Monday, October 7
All day longgggg!

It has been a full year of orchestrated “gladiator fights” with no education, no programs, hunger strikes, lockdowns as long as 9 months, and next to no visitation for populations within Corcoran’s 3C block. As some of you might know, CDCr just admitted failure and stopped the “incremental release” (gladiator fight) program at the root of it all. In spite of the program being investigated by the Office of the Inspector General and cancelled, guards are still informally orchestrating violence by “accidentally” popping the cell doors of rivals at the same time with the design of sparking violence. On the third try, this “off the books,” vigilante setup succeeded and sparked a fight and now multiple segments in 3C have been on group punishment and “modified program” a.k.a. lockdown AGAIN for over a month. No visitation, no classes, no commissary but hygiene, shackled for all movements and little to no yard time. End the lockdown! End group punishments!

Full statement on present lockdown from Southerners within Corcoran 3C

Oakland IWOC response to the CDCr announcement and spin

Call or email:

1. Warden Ken Clark 

(559) 992-8800 ext. 5000

2. Undersecretary Kathleen Allison, Operations
(916) 445-7688
Sample script
“Hi, I’m calling on behalf of the prisoners still on “modified program” aka a lockdown in Corcoran 3C. This is group punishment and directly related to the Incremental Release program in Central Valley facilities that has now been cancelled. In their statements, CDCr said it is committed to individualized treatment, so why is group punishment being  put on whole segments in 3C? Why haven’t the guards that repeatedly try to start violence by popping the cell doors of rivals been disciplined ? We want the lockdown and group punishments ended. Thank you.”

You can report any feedback and information from your calls and emails in the comments section. Thank you so much!


  1. I called both numbers. First one I left a message with the secretary and second one I was told was the incorrect number and called 916323 6001 instead and left message.

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  2. UPDATE from Corcoran fam:
    “On behalf of 3C and their loved ones. We would like to say thank you to all who participated in the phonezap. CDCr staff took messages (or resorted to ignoring calls due to the number of people calling!) Trust they got our message though & our voices were heard!
    On Thursday in Old Corcoran, staff relented and passed out $55 store (finally) including food to Southern Mexicans. Let’s continue to work together and advocate against CDCr cruel & unusual punishment!! Lets look at this as a civil rights movement. No race, group, gender or religion is ever exempt from CDCr’s deliberate indifference, discrimination and corruption.
    Please be aware “modified program” is just different terminology CDCr uses for “lockdown”. Its CDCr’s way of manipulating their way around court rulings and keeping our men on lockdown longer than 14 days. Lockdown is a type of torture in the form of sensory deprivation. We want CDCr to stop these indefinite lockdowns, to follow the law and their own rules & regulations, and stop the wordgames. You are fooling no one!!”


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