Coronavirus Intervention Statement

California Prisoner Work /Hunger Strike

JLS, Ca. Corcoran Committee

(This is a statement from people currently on strike in California’s largest prison in response to a COVID-19 outbreak)

As result of the late Coronavirus Pandemic, their has been a lot of unclear actions taken by Corrections Departments and County Jail/Juvenile Detention Facilities Heads, and State Representatives, on just what is the state and nature of things as it relates to WE in custody. The greatest part these actions have been harmful to the California, U.S. Constitutional Protections of prisoners, and persons in the Custody of the County, ( To include City, Private and ICE Facilities ) to the extent of Unnecessary Force being Applied and Used against Prisoners.

Leaders of SATF Jailhouse Lawyer Speaks, Ca. Corcoran Committee has determined enough is enough. WE ‘ER ON STRIKE !!!!!

This Statement goes to enforce upon California heads of state and Department of Corrections reps, with all of its Institutions, Facilities and Faculties, just what our FREEDOMs are, and the DEMAND of FREEDOM from said rights being Disregarded, Ignored, Suspended or Terminated without lawful warrant and the processes of contest.

Our Freedoms are.:

1) To be recognized as Human Beings, and Indiviuals protected by, if nothing else, the U.N. Decleration on Human Rights/ Rights of Indigenous Nations- Peoples Groups-, and Treaties against torture and wrongful treatment of prisoners ( The Nelson Mandela Rules ),

2) To put our Trust in something greater than socially disconnected Politicians scape goating for election into corrupt offices of state. Whether it be called God, Science/ Native American – Twa Medicine, Nature, or Tribal Nation, there must be the power of sedition between state and church,

3)To benefit equally from the Law as those who have enforced Laws against WE, Those in SERVICE of our so-called “DEBT TO SOCIETY”, in the Commercial, Common, Criminal/ Civil and Corporate forums of Law,

4) To form organized bodies of ourselves that mobilize force of protection, in the event that said FREEDOMs are Molested, or made the target of attack.


In interest of, and for the sake of securing said FREEDOMs

It is demanded that the state of California, Property of U.S. of A on planet Earth.:

1. Make COVID-19 Testing voluntarily accessible on-site. Universally available Test/ Treatment to, and for, all prisoners. Make all test results immediately available to the person tested so that they can determine how to protect others and treat themselves. We know that people are being moved and transferred around sometimes with no knowledge of their own status even when tested. People must have self determination over their own safety decisions.

2. Restore safe programming especially access to the law library. Restore access to telephones, showers, dormitory cleaning supplies, hot meals, and canteen. Where necessary develop adequate safety protocol for these priorities.

3.  Immediately organize and assemble a fully independent body of family members, lawyers, and outside advocates as an Inmate-Local Community COVID-19 Advisory Boards, and COVID-19 Advisory Reps. to operate as a window of transparency to the actions of California and CDCR in addressing issues related to COVID 19 and beyond: Inmate Housing concerns, Staffing, COVID-19 Containment Plan, Program Status Reports, Walfare Checks and Resorces, Mental Health/ Social Service, “Self-Help” Inmate Facilitated study groups creditable towards time served, Family Connection Relations and Reconciliation. This can only happen when video visitation is restored.

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