Hunger Strikers Publish Update as COVID-19 Overtakes CSATF and Spikes Across the System

Right now there are only seven facilities, of the 34 in the CDCr system, WITHOUT active COVID 19 cases. Six facilities have active cases in the hundreds. CSATF where the disease has been running wild for three weeks currently has 745 active cases as reported by CDCr. According to CDCr numbers 1495 people in total have contracted the disease, over a third of the facility. The medical staff at CSATF are clearly overwhelmed. A doctor in the facility told one patient that many were not being informed of their status because there were simply too many positive cases for medical to possibly visit every one. Far more than the reported numbers, he estimated that there were over 700 positive cases on D yard alone.

From the very beginning people inside and their families have been raising the alarm bells, trying to contact media outlets and legislators, mostly to no avail. Most notably three people in CSATF have been on hunger strike for over three weeks, since just after the start of the outbreak there. Still no changes. Even the director of adult institutions Connie Gipson is denying the strike in open hearings and failing to answer simple questions regarding conditions inside, and the thousands whose lives are at stake. Still access to fresh air and showers is measured in minutes once or twice a week, and people are being moved all over the place endlessly.

What follows is an update from the three hunger strikers on the still egregious conditions inside CSATF, the movements that are being made all over the facility, and the retaliation that they are facing.

Update from the Hunger Strikers

Peace comrade. This is chief here. The struggle is beautiful. WE figured that cdcr would deny knowledge of the strike, and it goes to show what we have been saying since the beginning, they don’t know what in the hell they are talking about. One thing’s for sure, when the two of us, Justice and I are weighed, the record reflects that we are on hunger strike.

But that doesn’t prevent SATF, D Facility administration from ignoring that we even exist. The lieutenant told us in the beginning that SATF could not recognize our Strike, no matter how long we went. And it seems to be going just like that. Administration is not taking us serious. Making comments like, “Hunger strike, what hunger strike? or “Hunger strike your life out, it makes me no difference “The position of this facility is the ‘CODE OF SILENCE.

They still refuse to wear the state mandatory N95 mask at all times at work, but they have the nerves to yell commands and orders at prisoners to follow the rules. The building officers of building 2. Particularly .Hinajosa and all Tower officers, and nearly all the regulars of the facility medical clinic. Specifically Nurse .Mata. You see how this goes?

The worry you have is real. Imagine our families. Do you know the last time I, Justice, or Yusuf have had the chance to speak to our mothers? This is the importance of Demand 3. Imagine how worried they are.

If you ask me, SATF and cdcr has done nothing to bring the strike to an end.

Nothing of the so-called program, that they will claim we are getting, is beyond access to showers every 3-4days for 5mins. It is said that we are scheduled to receive 1 phone call per week, but it has been this since before the strike. That doesn’t mean we get it. It is not consistent. It’s depending on whether the facility is doing facility Covid moves, or is under security threat. This building gets released for dayroom, with the option of yard 1per 2-3wks. If you go to yard you forfeit Shower, and Kiosq priv. Like really, who doesn’t want to hit the yard for fresh air after months of this little ass cell. But in the event you do, you ain’t showering for another 3-4 days.

Anything else is a photo op. for when the investigators get here.

Next, the pigs still refuse to stop moving us from building to building, spreading the shit. Now that We are being rehoused from building to building, all of our norms of cleaning our cell, access to our Building Mans Advisory Council Rep. to raise population concerns to the captain, Even some such as the Facility Laundry for laundry exchange of Bathing Tawls and Winter blankets, all is cancelled. Ain’t shit improved since we been on strike.

Many of the masses have been complementing the brothers on our struggle, but the pigs are of the attitude, they need us to go longer. They are in a power struggle with the politicians up top and somebody has to do something. We are better than they are. While at the same time they are singling us out for shouting matches, mocking us starving ourselves, slamming our cell doors, with holding medications, spreading gossip, etc. The usual of what comes with leaders being proactive about harmful conditions inside these prisons.

The pigs are still feeding crackers and cheese lunches.

Hell, both inmate Healthcare and Mental health appointments have been completely cancelled.

Just because the pigs are ignoring us doesn’t mean we are going to end the strike. Their silence is incriminating. WE charge them with intentionally exposing prisoners to covid. They still are Underreporting and misreporting the numbers of positives against negatives. We still are not given results, nor the things needed to protect ourselves against the virus. Hand sanitizers, PPE Aprons, Visors, Gloves, Shelter-In -Place plans on living quarters and accepting new cell-mates. Even accepting orders from officers who are out right breaking the law.

The doctors here don’t care, they side with custody. Like my mom said in the interview with that news reporter you plugged with her info, ‘God got us covered. Feel me.

California’s Governor went to a party while he ordered everybody else to stay at home. What kind of Fuck shit is that. That’s why these cops ain’t adhering to the law they dam self. Why follow the rules when the Governor don’t?

In solidarity Always,

Chief, Justice and Y

UPDATE: As of a few hours ago CSATF has reported its first death from COVID-19. Portions of the facility are now under lockdown and tighter communication restrictions, and we’re waiting for more information as family members anxiously wait to hear from their loved ones

This snapshot of the CDCr COVID-19 Tracker shows the top facilities that are experiencing an outbreak. Over 2800 people inside have active cases of COVID-19

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